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a look inside my backpack: trip tips & tidbits

a look inside my backpack: trip tips & tidbits

Packing can easily become one of the most stressful parts of preparing for a trip. There are so many different factors to consider when packing. I've set aside a few of my favorite packing tips that help guide me so I don't get too carried away (or have a meltdown). 

1) Always try to pack light.  Though it is tempting to pack all of your cutest outfits, it is best to stick to just a few. Odds are, you will end up wearing whatever is most comfortable and whatever you feel best in.

2) Stick to a color scheme. This is optional of course, but I've found it especially easier when packing light if my pieces are able to mix and match. 

3) Ziplock baggies are great for saving space in your bag. I suggest rolling up your clothes and putting them in zip lock baggies because it really helps reduce the amount of extra space you are using.

4) Comfort is key. I repeat, comfort is so important when packing your bag. Regardless of how cute an outfit is, if you are not comfortable in it, you will likely not even end up wearing it. 

5) Consider the activities you will be doing. Is it best to invest in a nice pair of sandals or would you be better off with a pair of hiking boots?  Are you going to colder climates or warmer climates? 

*Don't forget you can always wash your clothes at a laundromat or sink! Plus, leaving a little extra space in your bag leaves room for you to pick up some new things.

This year, I decided to pack even lighter than the last. I want to be sure I have room to pick up some new things along the way if I want and I want to make sure that I don't dread carrying my backpack from place to place. Luckily the only places you have to carry your backpack are usually from the train to your accommodation, it can sometimes be a hassle if it is crowded, hot, rainy, cold, or chaotic.

Here's a look inside my backpack for my 7 week trip!

3 tshirts

2 rompers

1 long maxi skirt

1 grey cardigan & 1 jean jacket

2 t-shirt dresses

1 pair of comfy but cute shorts

1 pair of leggings (which I forgot to put in the picture because I was wearing them)

1 pair of sandals

1 pair of tennis shoes

cheap jewelry

1 swimsuit

shorts and a tank top for pjs

undergarments & bras

Non-Clothing Items:


quick dry towel 

camera chargers, memory card, phone charger

As for my backpack, I use my trustee Rick Steves backpack. At first, I questioned this bag, but it has been nothing short of amazing! Everything I need fits inside and the pack itself easily slides into any overhead compartments.  


So there you have it! My backpack and contents are nothing too exciting but what is exciting is that we are almost all packed up and ready to catch our plane tomorrow. I am beyond excited and cannot wait to see what adventures await!! 

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