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finding magic in Florence

finding magic in Florence

As I sit in the train leaving Florence, I must say I'm sad to say goodbye. It’s always hard saying farewell to this beautiful city but know I will be back soon! Our time in Florence was nothing short of wonderful and we seemed to find magic everywhere we turned.

The magic moments:

Staying in an AirBnB that mixed up our room so we ended up staying in a much nicer room! Talk about magic. Also, our hosts were so kind and made us feel at home immediately.

Watching the sunset over Piazzale Michelangelo with my sister which turned into a little adventure.

Standing at the top of Fort Belvedere looking over Florence with blue skies and perfect weather.

Having the BEST pizza of my life—two nights in a row. YOLO.

Eating excessive amounts of pistachio gelato and realizing my favorite gelato place is located 2 seconds walk from where I was staying.

Eating giant beautiful sandwiches from Al’Antticco Viniano.

Listening to Monks at San Miniato al Monte practice Gregorian chants.

Freaking out over every single dog we saw.

Listening to thunder as we descended the stairs of the duomo (it felt like we were in a castle in ancient times for some reason).

Sharing a meal with two complete strangers who ended up paying for it.

Also, becoming friends with two complete strangers who you shared a meal with.

Trying to speak Italian and failing miserably but having fun trying.

Enjoying the beauty of Florence in every moment we were given.


when the trains strike and EVERYTHING goes right

when the trains strike and EVERYTHING goes right

pit stop in verona

pit stop in verona