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eurotrip 2015 cost breakdown & FAQs

eurotrip 2015 cost breakdown & FAQs

Last summer, my best friend, Kymberlee, and I went on a backpacking trip through Europe! Since then, many people have asked me about the trip wondering what the costs were, where we went, etc.This post will breakdown the costs of our trip, what we did, etc. Be sure to check out my other post about planning your own trip here. Here is the breakdown of ours!

How much?: $3,500

  • Plane ticket round trip to Milan, Italy: $670

  • Eurail pass for train travel within Europe: $430

  • Accommodations, food, random: $2500

How long?: 4 weeks

  • Italy: 2 nights Cinque Terre, 6 nights Florence, 2 nights Rome, 1 night Venice, 1 night Milan 

  • Switzerland: 2 nights in Interlaken

  • Czech Republic: 2 nights in Prague

  • Netherlands: 3 nights in Amsterdam

  • France: 4 nights in Paris

  • Spain: 3 nights in Barcelona

Where we slept?: hostels, airbnbs, and family friends

  • Hostels are so fun, cheap, and a great way to meet new people

    • hey often provide free activities like walking tours and even breakfast

    • such a great way to meet new friends

  • Airbnbs are AWESOME

    • they are super cheap and it is especially nice to have your own space

    • also your host can tell you the best spots to go to

  • Family friends

    • if you are lucky to have connections abroad--use them! staying with friends can save you so much money and also give you an insiders look at the place you are visiting

How we got around?: Eurail & Ryanair

  • We got the Eurail pass for 10 days within two months. It was easy, made things stress free, and gave us a lot of flexibility when it came to booking our trains

  • Eurail passes sometimes end up being less cost efficient but we thought it was our best option because it gave us flexibility and it was one less thing to worry about

  • We were scared our 10 day pass wouldn't be enough for all the places we wanted to go but it easily gave us enough travel days

  • We even took two overnight trains with our pass which was nice because it saved us a lot of money and time.

  • Reservations of about 10-20 euros are required on many trains so make sure you pay those or else you will get fined!

  • We also booked one ryanair flight from spain to italy which are super cheap and can be faster than trains

Getting around each city: Feet and Metro

  • Walking is the best way to see the city! Also, we loved doing free walking tours!

  • Sometimes the metro came in handy too!


  • ITALY: Basically everywhere in italy is guaranteed to be my favorite place in the entire world. My two favorite towns we visited would be to visit Florence and Cinque Terre. Florence won my heart with its incredible charm and beauty. The rich history, culture, and art provides an interesting and romantic setting. Of course I should also mention the amazing art, incredible food, and gorgeous architecture. Cinque Terre has out-of-this-world views, hiking, and beaches that are unmatchable. Both towns boast beautiful scenery that will leave you questioning the reality around you.

  • AMSTERDAM: Though Amsterdam has somewhat of a reputation for its drugs and prostitution, Amsterdam is one of the most charming, eclectic, hip places I've ever been! The food in amsterdam is amazing, the people are beyond friendly and it is truly a gorgeous place. Amsterdam has everything you could ever think of--and more!

  • BARCELONA: Barcelona is a big city with a beach town vibe. The architecture is unique, the food is incredible, and the nightlife is bumpin'. Despite being a big city, the pace is slow and life is good. In Barcelona, life seems to revolve around the ocean, drinking sangria, and enjoying the moment. Barcelona has such a great laid back vibe that you will certainly catch onto during your visit and it will leave you never wanting to say goodbye.



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