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making the most of your trip to Bologna

making the most of your trip to Bologna

Bologna is a vibrant city filled with SO many young people. During the day you will see students roaming around with their books and backpacks then at night everyone hits the streets! This city is great for young travelers hoping to meet young locals. It can be intimidating at first but don't worry, be brave and it will surely turn into a great adventure! Here are some of the must-do activities while you are in Bologna.

-Try mortadella. This Bologna-like (except WAY better) meat is famous from here so be sure to give it a try!

-Climb a tower. The city is known for its many towers scattered all throughout. Also go visit the leaning tower because it is quite a sight to see.

-Hike up to San Lucca. This walk will give you breathtaking views of the city below and the surrounding hillside.

-Have pizza at Scalinatella. This pizza is cheap, delicious, and huge! Definitely worth a visit and also it will probably be packed with students.

-Eat tortellini. If you aren’t a fan of the meat stuffed tortellini, try tortelloni instead, its stuffed with ricotta!

-Take a night stroll/go out to a bar. This city is filled with students who are out at all hours of the night. Join the crowd and go for a nighttime outing.

-Go shopping at one of the many markets! We stumbled upon a giant market with the cheapest clothes ever and it was awesome! Not entirely sure where if I can point which direction it is in but there are lots of markets so go find one and get shopping!

-Take a walking tour. This town has tons of history that is worth learning about.

-Visit the old anatomy lab of the University of Bologna. The University is the oldest University in the western world.

-Have gelato at Gelateria Gianni and get pistachio cream on your gelato. 

-Don't forget to try some Parmesan from nearby Parma!

There you have it! Have fun in this amazing city and don't forget to have 10 cups of gelato for me.

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