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sunburnt & speechless in Santorini

sunburnt & speechless in Santorini

I had high expectations for Santorini because I’d seen millions of beautiful photos, heard many great reviews, and was anxious to see for myself. Santorini was nothing short of magic. I was left speechless and (very) sunburnt after spending two wonderful days on Santorini. Though people say you need only a day or two in Santorini, I felt like I could have easily spent a week exploring the whole island. It’s much bigger than I anticipated it to be!


Here arefew of my favorite highlights of Santorini

1)    Meeting a local store owner who gave us the scoop on all of her favorite things about Santorini. She sent us on an adventure looking for a Venetian Castle, an angel named Maria, her favorite swimming hole/jumping rock, and her favorite place to taste wines.

2)    Getting dropped off in the middle of nowhere by the local bus attempting to find the Venetian Castle. (We found it!)

3)    Sunbathing on the black sand beach. The views were stunning and the water was so cool in the hot Santorini sun.

4)    Meeting another store owner who insisted we try some of the famous Santorini tomatoes. The tomatoes in Santorini are grown without water (please tell me how that is even remotely possible?)

5)    Having a crush on the cute boy who worked next door to our apartment and of course getting him to be my boyfriend for my Santorini photo. Pretty sure we were in love.

6)    Watching the sunset over both Fira and Oia. The sunset over Fira was one of the most memorable ones of my life!

7)    Jumping off a rock into the sea.

8)    Seeing the red sand beach and befriending many stray cats along the way!

9)    Exploring the island and its undeniable beauty.


The people, the buildings, and the natural beauty of Santorini is absolutely breathtaking! We had such an amazing time and I really didn’t want to leave. I would have easily spent the rest of my life there soaking up the hot sun. 

did someone say Rhode(s) trip?

did someone say Rhode(s) trip?

arriving in ancient Athens

arriving in ancient Athens